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Khazmoz is having the first ever ONLINE BARBER COMPETITION, Upload your 1 minute video TODAY!

Khazmoz wil promote the winner on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and also get a permanant place in the Khazmoz WINNERS CIRCLE!!

Are you the best BARBER in your city? Enter to be selected to participate FIRST PLACE $300.00

Khazmoz Top Barber Competition

Are you the best barber in your city? Display for skills for the WORLD to see in first ever Online Barber Competition
Upload a video no longer than 1 minute for a chance to win cash or prizes.

Submission Deadline - 3/31/2016
Contest End - 4/15/2016
Max Participants - 10
Contest Prize - $250.00

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Contest Rules

  • Video can not be longer that 1 minute.
  • Any Video submission longer than 1 minute will not be approved
  • Only Haircut content is allowed for this competition.
  • Background music for video submissions are allowed.
  • Videos with that include a BEFORE & AFTER have higher chance of being seleted.
  • Most votes wins, 75 minimum vote required to declare winner.
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